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The HeartAwake Center is a non-profit corporation serving human development, including spiritual awakening and transformation. The Center is neo-Buddhist oriented (drawing upon Buddhist principles adapted to modern Western culture and interfaith influences) and is open to people of any or no religious tradition.

Alan Zundel, the director, has 40 years of experience with meditation and spiritual practice and had a breakthrough in 2002 through the American spiritual teacher AdyashantiAlan began teaching a few years later when invited to give a talk to a San Francisco Buddhist group, and formed the HeartAwake Center after moving to Eugene, Oregon in 2006. More about Alan.
Alan May 2012

Meditation for Awakening.
Saturday mornings, 9:10 to about 10:40 a.m. Thirty minutes of meditation, after which Alan usually gives a brief talk and engages in dialogues with participants. Voluntary donations accepted; $5 suggested.

Sunday Satsang. Sunday mornings, 10 to about 11:30 a.m. (9:30--10:00 a.m. optional meditation period; come in quietly please and take a seat.)  "Satsang" means gathering in Truth. Alan answers questions and engages in dialogues with participants. Voluntary donations accepted, $5 suggested.

Our events are held at 825 Monroe, Suite #1, Eugene OR 97402, unless noted otherwise. The center is up a flight of stairs in the office adjacent to the Eugene School of Yoga. Please avoid using fragrances at events as other participants may have chemical sensitivites.

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